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The Start of Oceanwing

Ex-Googler Steven Yang founded Oceanwing E-commerce Technology LTD and registered the company’s first brand of mobile charging gears ---- Anker.

Oceanwing started selling Anker branded products through Amazon.


Oceanwing Transformation

To grow across multiple categories, the company takes on a new name as Anker Innovations, owning five consumer electronics brands: Anker, Soundcore, eufy, Roav, and Nebula.

As of 2019, Anker Innovations' annual revenue exceeds $1 billion.


The New Meaning of Oceanwing

Riding on its success on Amazon, Anker Innovations delegated a team of best talents to start a new service business – Amazon selling services, and gave it a blessed name, Oceanwing.

Oceanwing has since been helping global partners to grow their Amazon business.


New Service Business Takes Off

Our clients across globe in the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, and China.

Over $70,000,000 revenue generated in the first year.

Average 150% Amazon sales growth achieved across clients.

Anker’s Success Story

We Specialize in Amazon Selling

Our vision: Build leading brands that consumers love
; Provide essential services to advance industry.

With proven track records of building 5 best-selling brands successfully and profitably, our team is without question the best at Amazon selling with 10+ years of first-hand experience. We have built and optimized an entire system of result-driven digital marketing tools with precise targeting capabilities. 

To any makers of outstanding consumer products around the world, we hope to bring our top-notch selling and marketing skills to help grow your e-commerce business into the next big success.

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We work with some of the top brands in the industry


"The people over at Anker have a very good understanding of how to launch a project online. They are very responsible, I learned a lot from them, and we created a great working relationship with each other."


"Anker has played an essential role to advise and assist us for our product line layout for amazon with its experienced methodology and data analysis ability. We have seen the professions of Anker's operation skills for Amazon business."


"The Anker Oceanwing team offers a breadth of experience and proprietary insight offerings that make them a valuable addition to any organization. It’s action over debating."


"Anker is not just a simple agency, but also a credible partner with their specialty and expertise. They are the best solution for the brand who wants to enter the Amazon!”


"The Anker team is very professional and cooperative. They have strong capabilities and confidence in selling and always bring creative ideas to the table."


"Anker helped our ecommerce business to strategically plan and grow thanks to their meticulous planning and professional management. They’re reliable, knowledgeable, and easy to work with."

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