How we drive sales for ABKO through product page optimization?


ABKONCORE (ABKO) was founded in 2001, as a PC/accessory brand at an accessible price point. During the years. ABKO explored a wide range of product categories, grew to be a Korea leading 3C brand with increasing brand awareness. In 2019, ABKO partnered with the Oceanwing team to expand business in the U.S. through

2. The Challenge

Lacking local consumer & market knowledge, ABKO’s Korean top-selling products were not performing well when first launched on

3. Our Solutions

Leveraging our in-house big data + consumer insights capabilities, we developed a holistic brand strategy and executed it across the brand store, product page, Amazon on-site ads buying, etc. With two months, we were able to establish an “eSport professional + cool kids” brand equity, rebuilt product series, launched a new brand store, altogether contributing to a 2X purchase conversion rate uplift.

4. Key Results

- Product page conversion rate vs. before over 200%
- Brand store traffic & conversion rate vs. before at 243%
- Total sales over $1 million in just 5 months

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