Oceanwing Story

Build leading brands that consumers love. Provide essential services to advance the industry. With the above vision in mind, Anker Innovations took 10 years to become the world’s largest 3rd party seller on Amazon.

“Oceanwing” was the first company name for Anker, before Anker Innovations. We’re now giving the name a new meaning --- the Amazon managed-service. With “Provide essential services to advance the industry.” in mind, we look forward to partnering with some of the top brands, sharing our expertise in eCommerce sales, Amazon operation, brand & digital marketing, logistics and warehousing, customer service, and more.

Work with the Oceanwing team, work with some of the best experts in Amazon selling & brand marketing, to bring your online business to the next level.

What Makes Us Different

Amazon Selling and Operations

Amazon-oriented Marketing Service

eCommerce Customer Management

Data Intelligence and IT solutions


No.1 3P seller on Amazon globally


Business covers countries


Million USD Generated Per Year for Clients 


Average Products Sales Growth for Clients

Our Culture

What makes us come to success

Our Vision

Build leading brands that comsumers love
Provide essential services to advanced industry

Our Value

Rationalism Excellence Growth

Global Presence

Oceanwing now operates in Changsha, China; Shenzhen, China; Guangzhou, China, Seoul, Korea, and Seattle, U.S.
We look forward to working with your team building a long-lasting business and a winning brand on Amazon, worldwide.