How do we help VP gained No.1 category share through full-cycle optimization?

1. Vital Proteins

As the category-leading brand of collagen products, Vital Proteins was founded in 2013, providing 100% natural sourced collagen from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine. Vital Proteins partnered with Oceanwing to accelerate its Amazon business growth.

2. The Challenge

- Health & Nutrition has been a highly competitive category, Vital Proteins was left behind from the front runners on Amazon 
- Conflict of cross-channel pricing and promotion
- Independent marketing, branding, inventory management, customer service team, lack of synergy 

3. Our solutions

- Full-cycle account management, rebuilt pricing and promotion model, improve net income
- Multi touch-point sales growth strengthening plan, including promotions, buy get, hero SKUs, deal posts, PR, Digital advertising, etc
- Down to every detail daily execution management plan

4. Key Results

- Achieved and stayed TOP1 category brand share, within 1-month; estimated total 2X sales vs. year ago
- Branded search volume growth over 3750%
- Build up CN/US 24hrs customer support capability
- Operational cost saving over $1 million

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